Campaign Management

campaign_managementOnce the insights from the analytical models are derived, the extraction of value from the insights has to be planned and executed. Most of the time, the insights will be used to drive campaigns targeting a specific segment. Unlike mass marketing where few campaigns are launch to cater for the whole customer base, insights driven campaigns can be as many and hundreds targeting different types of segments and usage behaviors. Thus, this makes the campaigns harder to manage.

We focus on the framework for campaign management to handle up to hundreds of campaigns running concurrently. Marketing or product managers will be able to monitor the performance of the campaigns, profit & loss of the campaign and the migration of consumer behavior during and after the campaign.

The automation of campaign management can be implemented once the process are well defined and the users have the right skill sets to manage the campaigns systematically.

The ultimate goal is to present the right message or product to the right customers at the right time using the right channel, at a lower marketing cost and higher long term return.